What’s the easiest way to rent equipment?

We’ve all been there- we either want or need to use something that we have no desire to buy. It can be recreational (kayaks, anyone?), it can be for a personal project (I can power wash the deck myself, gosh darnit), or it can be professional (I’m a plumber ad I only need a jackhammer for this one annoying job)- but we’ve all been there.

So what’s the easiest way to connect yourself to the equipment you need? In the past, there has really only been one option- find some local companies that offer the equipment you need for rent, and then call around to see if they have any available. You are subject to their prices, subject to their availability, and subject to them popping up on Google. There has to be a better way, right?

Rentable.com is that better way. Rentable has looked around at the other industries with successful apps- Uber for ride sharing, AirBnB for accommodations, etc.- and modeled itself after them. Because the rental industry shouldn’t be the last holdout from a primitive age- it should be modernized using modern technology.

With Rentable you can search your area, refine your prices, and set your dates/times all in one stop, and let the equipment providers work for you. No need to call around and jot down notes on prices and availability- Rentable does that for you.

This is a win for everyone. Companies can get their available products in front of a wider audience, consumers can get a consolidated view of available inventories, and even individuals with equipment sitting around can make some extra money by listing it to rent out. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in this?

Look for stuff. Save money.

Show your stuff. Make money.

Welcome to Rentable.

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