Rentable offers a simple way for local rental businesses to acquire new customers, allowing you to take a step back from marketing so that you can focus on other facets of your business, like customer service. Simple, easy, and efficient, Rentable helps you grow.

1. Submit your listing

Before we add you as a viable rental location for our platform, we need to confirm that you’re a real business and meet all of our requirements. Just fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you within 48 hours.  That’s a promise.

2. Respond to requests

Once you’ve been approved by our team, we’ll list your business on our platform with your location(s).  Once we receive a request for rental equipment near your location, we’ll send you an email, shoot you a text, or give you a call in order to see if you have any availability. If you do, then you can book them. IF not, then we’ll assume business is booming as usual and reach out when we receive another request. Simple as that.

3. Provide feedback

We know we aren’t perfect, but we’re headed in the right direction.  Please let us know how we can impove the experience for you or your customers, it’s our top priority.


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